Soul of Yoga Sound Institute: Level 2 Therapy Harp Training


18-hour accredited training with Shelly Reef  
Therapy Harp Level 2
LIVE STREAM through The Soul of Yoga, Encinitas, California 

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3 days
10am-5pm each day
$150 Training discount with purchase of a harp
  • 17 hours of in-class instruction~LIVESTREAM available worldwide
  • 3 hours of public service at a yoga center, hospital, retirement center, animal sanctuary or hospice care

Applicants must have a Level 1 certification or have received an acceptable level of one-on-one training with Shelly.  Please inquire with questions.

Approved for CEs by Yoga Alliance 
Live Stream class available worldwide


Would you like to deepen your harp practice and playing techniques?  If you have ever felt that your playing is repetitious or that you don’t know where to go next, this training is for you.  In this 3 day intensive, we will explore the techniques that deeply empower the player, both technically, and in the entrained presence that makes time stop. 

Covering both the healing and performance environments, this training is designed to deliver you to the heights of your abilities as a harp healer.

The curriculum will include:

  1. Deep listening/playing techniques for healing
  2. “Playing the client” or the room
  3. Plucking, melodies, trills, sweeps, advanced texturing
  4. One handed playing (for playing other instruments simultaneously)
  5. Rhythmic playing
  6. Orchestration of harps with other instruments
  7. Playing for nature and animals
  8. Practical practice time
  9. One-on-one consultation with Shelly

Are you interested in building your harp family?

Here are some of Shelly’s favorite pairings.  All pairings are perfect so be creative and follow your heart!

Earth + Heart : The Earth tuning is deep and stirring so is well balanced by the calm, grounding effect of the Heart tuning.

Heart + Celestial : These two major, uplifting chords play off of each other exquisitely and can be moved between frequently, creating a chord change that is very illuminating.

Angelic + Earth : For an intensely rich pairing, these two dramatic tunings create a moving experience, both inward and expansively.

Celestial + Angelic : Presenting the expansiveness of both the Angelic and Cosmic realms, this pairing is heavenly is all possible aspects.

Listen to the 5 tunings:
Choose the chords you love most, or the ones that best serve your purpose as a healer.  Headphones are recommended.
  1. Joy tuning (new)

    • Universal oneness
    • Ease, grace and flow
    • High frequency healing on all levels of being

    This uplifting full chord flows like a gentle, healing river. Developed for the purpose of soothing weary hearts and minds, this tuning softens every mood and encourages healing on all levels. Soul-polishing, stress-relieving, blissful JOY!

  2. Earth tuning

    • Processing in the physical and emotions bodies
    • Deep relaxation and pain release
    • Alignment to life on Earth

    This minor chord mirrors the mystery and emotion of life on Earth. Moving, stirring, this tuning brings deep seated energies to the surface for healing. Works at the deepest levels of humanity.  Great for deep healing work.

  3. Heart tuning 

    • Grounding in the physical body
    • Igniting higher states of unconditional love
    • Healing of blocked emotional energy

    This major chord activates unconditional love in the physical, emotional and energetic bodies. Immediately felt in the physical heart and energetically felt everywhere as emotional blocks release.  Great in all situations.

  4. Angelic tuning 

    Accessing the Angelic realms
    Perpetual joy and playfulness
    Alignment to high frequency light
    Rich in complexity, this tuning calls upon the Angelic realms. Its heavenly quality lifts the receiver to high dimensions of joy, opening the gateway to divine healing and guidance. It creates an atmosphere of the divine.

  5. Celestial tuning 

    Universal consciousness
    Elevated states of being
    Cosmic alignment
    This uplifting major chord, is as spacious as it is grounding. Aligns the physical with high states of cosmic love. Connects heaven to Earth, Humanity to the Universal realms.  Great for expanding consciousness.

Rosette options:
 Tree of Life   
Celtic Knot 
Trinity Knot 
Trinity Knot Rosette


Choose your package: 

Harp + Soul Package:

  • Custom-built Therapy Harp in the tuning and style of your choice (shipping not included)
  • Padded carry case with strap and accessory pocket
  • Electronic tuning kit
  • 20-hour training

purchase your harp ($2,100 + shipping) 

About the teacher:

American sound healer and empath Shelly Reef travels the globe bringing light to the hearts of humanity. Her meditation work spans over 30 years, her teaching, more than 20 countries.

With the agenda of raising frequency on Earth, Shelly teaches Therapeutic Harp, meditation, and telepathy. Her work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct.  She is author of the soon-to-be-released book, "Silent Monkey."