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"Light Healer" - Downloading the Light collection

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The visionary work of  Fríða Freyja (pronounced Frida Fray-ah) 

This painting, titled "Light Healer" is part of the DOWNLOADING THE LIGHT collection. 2020

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Oil on canvas 40"x40”

This painting includes a dedicated sound healing video, channeled to the frequencies of this work by sound healer Shelly Reef.

About the work: 

Frida’s paintings are channeled energy work, created in a meditative state and with a fearless intention to “Download the Light.” 

Frida allows Universal love to come through her hands. The result is light, and the appearance of light entities, on canvas. The purpose of the work is to deliver the viewer immediately to an elevated state of wellbeing.

These magnificent paintings instantly uplift the energy of any space they are displayed in. 

About the Artist:

Frida has been painting in her home country of Iceland for more than 20 years and is known as “The painter of the light”. Her collection, entitled “Downloading the Light,” is in homes and venues across the world.

Frida’s influence of the Northern lights and solar midnights of Iceland is present in her paintings. Her belief in divine purpose, and passion for creating a better world is evident in her collection. 

Sale price Price $3,700.00 Regular price