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Soul of Yoga - Therapy Harp

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Welcome to the world of healing through exquisite sound!

Therapy Harps are custom-built to order. SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED and orders are filled first-come, first-serve. To ensure you have a spot in the training, please order your harp as soon as possible. If a payment plan will help to make this accessible to you, please contact Shelly directly

THE LAST DAY TO ODRER your harp for this training is JULY 20.  Though we hope to serve every potential harp healer, we cannot guarantee that the training will not be sold out by that time.  We love to work with you to make this accessible! Let us know early what you need.

Listen to the 4 tunings:
Choose the chords you love most, or the ones that best serve your purpose as a healer.  Headphones are recommended.
  1. Earth tuning

    Physical grounding, pain and stress release, deep relaxation, connection to Earth
  2. Heart tuning 

    Heart healing, emotional softening, opening to higher states of love
  3. Angelic tuning 
    Accessing the angelic realms, joy and playfulness, alignment to high frequency light
  4. Celestial tuning 
    Awakening to universal consciousness, expansiveness, cosmic attunement


Rosettes to choose from:
 Tree of Life   
Celtic Knot 


Welcome to the international Therapy Harp family!


Sale price Price $2,100.00 Regular price