Contemplating the divine spark with Matthew James Bailey

At the recent Contact in the Desert conference I found myself seated for dinner next to one of the great minds of our time...which simultaneously exists in the same body as an illuminated heart. My favorite equation...

On my overstimulated mind that weekend was the rather large concept of humanity's role in the Universe. 

I kept thinking about the majority condition of being human... to forget that we are divine. 
 It appears that not only source, but other Universal species know a lot more about us than we know ourselves.

Being a species born into amnesia, we do not know what we do not know yet also have the tendency to fight to be right. 

It's not all bad. If we remembered our divine origin, the emotional bliss of falling in love may not be necessary as we would already be love. On the other hand the dark despair of grief would be rendered mute as we would never be separate or experience attachment in the first place.

In a contemplative conversation with Matthew James Bailey, I brought up the theory that we incarnate on Earth for the purpose of evolving our souls.  He countered by asking how a soul could evolve if it came from source which was already perfect and whole.  I struggled to find an answer I believed in.

Me: We divide from source to have a new experience that has never happened before, thus expanding the all-that-is.

Matthew: But if source is all, everything that could ever happen already exists within it.

Back and forth we went until finally an answer emerged...or, more accurately, was teased from me.

Matthew: What would be the purpose of source creating anything at all when it is already whole and everything already exists within it? 

There was only one possible answer left... Me: Curiosity? Playfulness!

And finally I'd earned the sparkly smile that Matthew must be famous for.

And of course! The divine spark is exactly that... curiosity!  Sacred play at work! True joy! Years of experiencing exactly that in daily meditation cannot be wrong.  The spark of life would never be merely an intellectual concept or equation.  Life is pure creative potential...and so I say to you, Hello beautiful creative spark of source itself!

In conclusion: The journey home does not begin when we pass from these bodies, but now.  Curiosity, wonder and playfulness are the states in which we become the reflection of God...and begin to remember our divinity.  

This may not be the final answer to humanity's role in the Universe...but it could be.  True creativity creates that which sustains life.  False creativity creates that which hinders or ends life.  

A return to source by living the very life-affirming curiosity and creativity by which we were created could very well earn us the right to know what we currently do not know about our selves.  And if not, it will certainly benefit the greater good in trying!

Stay tuned for even deeper dives on how to be pure life force in a very 3D world.

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Blessings for your journey!

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