Solar flare effects on sensitive people

Healers and star seeds are highly sensitive humans. This is how we are able to work miracles, even if it is own inner work. It is not uncommon for us to experience waves of change ahead of the crowd or stronger than those who divide their focus with more 3D matters.

We have recently been experiencing the most intense solar activity in lifetimes. What this means is that the contents of our fishbowl has changed. Nothing to see with the naked eye, but all around us - and throughout us - the electromagnetic frequency in which we "swim" is completely new to us.

Have you recently had unusual symptoms like cranial pressure, tinnitus, brain fog, depression, nerve sensitivity, or general come and go pain?

Interestingly, symptoms tend to represent each individuals deepest wounds, so vary greatly between us. Don't be afraid of those wounds...even if they are not familiar, as if rooted in a previous lifetime or timeline. The very likely are. Give them your attention, like a mother tends a child's wounds...with compassion and patience. The only way out is through.

Stay present...don't numb the pain. Breathe. Meditate. Commune with nature daily. And, if it feels right, ask to be gently aligned to the solar frequencies of the exact day and moment. Ask your discomfort where it's roots lie and wait to be shown the answer. Then love it free with all your heart. Be your own greatest healer!

Remember the social mantra of 2020?: "I can't wait for life to get back to normal!" Time now to let go of the past, come to the present and open your heart to a future that is different and greater than anything we have ever known.

Blessings for your sacred journey! Shelly

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