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Harp and Crystal Healing with Yoga Jai Ma  
July 17

Beginners Course Therapy Harp Training   July 25 

Level 1, 18-hour certification Therapy Harp Training  Sept. 11-13

The Awakened Mind ~ Sacred Telepathy Workshop   July 20, 6pm, $50  Awaken your inner sight! Like tuning a radio to the strongest signal, we can fine-tune ourselves to see, hear and feel more.Take full command of your personal control centers. 90% of students demonstrate some level of telepathic ability in the first class. And it's FUN!

FREE ~ Harp and Channeled Healing  Every Sunday and Thursday, 4-4:30pm 

Private Empathic readings and sound healing with Shelly

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The Therapeutic Harp

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Paintings of the Light

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Crystal Tones® Alchemy Singing Bowls

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