Therapy Harps and Harp Training

Become a Therapy Harp healer

Learn to play beautiful healing chords from international sound healing instructor, Shelly Reef. 
Yoga teachers, healers, hospice workers and others simply seeking healing bliss have been able to enhance the lives of their students, patients and loved ones using this training regardless of their musical background.
No previous experience with musical instruments is required.

Therapy Harp

$2100 plus shipping

Each Therapy Harp includes:

  • 1 Redwood Therapy Harp (hand-built in the USA)
  • Your choice of 3 rosette and 4 chord tuning options (see below)
  • Custom carry case with shoulder strap and accessory pouch
  • Electronic tuning kit
  • Detailed instruction packet on caring for your Therapy Harp, including how to travel worldwide with your harp.  

Therapy harps are individually hand-crafted in the USA from the highest quality redwood and tuned to order. Due to this, the standard turnaround time is 8 weeks. Please inquire if you need an instrument within a shorter amount of time. 

Shipping and delivery

  • Once your harp is built, tuned and customized with your selected rosette, it will be carefully packed and sent to you via UPS Ground. 
  • A flat fee for each harp is charged depending on the region you live in.
  • Within the continental United States: $90
  • Everywhere else: $250 and up, depending on country

Training Options

Beginner's Harp training (online) 
The Beginners Course will resume this Fall.  Stay posted for dates!


  • Tuning your harp  
  • Basic Therapy Harp playing techniques 
  • Harp Healing 101

Private harp training (in-person or online) 

$133/hour, or 5 sessions for $550

  • Privately scheduled at times that work for you
  • For in-person training, studio rental fees may apply
  • Location is flexible - San Diego, CA area only 

    ONLINE Therapy Harp Certification Trainings 

    Level 1 (18-hour) certification training: September 11-13, 2020  ~ $750

    Level 2 to be announced soon for Winter of 2020! ~ $800


    Therapy Harp Trainings are LIVESTREAM from the beautiful Soul of Yoga Sound Healing Institute, with Shelly Reef.  These immersive trainings feature continuing education units with Yoga Alliance and are available globally.

    See LEVEL 1&2 Certification TrainingS here 

    If you want to get this certification, please click the button above. 

      Therapy Harps come in four different tunings

      Choose the chord that you love most, or the ones that best serve your purpose as a healer.

        Listen to the 4 tunings here:

        1. Earth tuning

          Physical grounding, pain and stress release, deep relaxation, connection to Earth
        2. Heart tuning 

          Heart healing, emotional softening, opening to higher states of love
        3. Angelic tuning 
          Accessing the angelic realms, joy and playfulness, alignment to high frequency light
        4. Celestial tuning 
          Awakening to universal consciousness, expansiveness, cosmic attunement

        Rosette options

        Currently, we have 3 different rosettes you can choose from. Select your favorite from the options at the bottom of the page before adding to your cart.

         Tree of Life
        Celtic Knot 

        More about our harps

        The Therapy Harp is tuned to harmonize within itself, meaning you can never hit a wrong note and need no musical background to play exquisite music. It has been meticulously perfected by energy healers to create the most accessible and effective sound healing instrument possible. 

        You can play this harp on your lap, or directly on the body of the client for maximum vibrational effect. The unique 'sound ports' located on the flanks of the instrument produce a wondrous and instantly soothing effect when gently pressed to the ear.  This has been described as the sensation of being fully immersed in healing frequencies, as if relaxing within the harp itself. 


        Blessings...and welcome to the international Therapy Harp family! 

        Step 1 - Select your harp options

        Step 2 - Select your training options