Harp healing miracle at Conscious Life Expo


The title SOUND HEALER includes the word healer, implying that the facilitator has the capacity to heal.  In my Therapy Harp certifications, the focus is on delivering the tools of the healer as much as learning to play beautiful sound.  Occasionally life will gift me an astounding example of true frequency healing with which to inspire my students. This true story stands out!

At the 2024 Conscious Life Expo I procured a booth to show Therapy Harps and offer 10-20 minute on-body Therapy Harp frequency healing sessions, performed by my amazing students. 

On the last day, a man with a pronounced spinal curvature in his right upper back area came to us for a healing session. I asked if it was scoliosis and when he said yes, I chose to work with him myself. I'd had a lot of experience with scoliosis while training teachers of AntiGravity Aerial Yoga and felt that knowing the energy of it could help the healing.

He lay face down on the massage table. I asked permission to place the harp directly on the deviation. As I was playing, I sensed movement.  This was unusual, so I kept playing with one hand and placed the other on the side of the curvature in his spine.

His vertebra were physically rippling against my hand. Furthermore, I could see his shirt moving, being tugged by the same movement I felt against my hand. I checked for signs of discomfort, but he seemed very peaceful so I continued playing.

At sessions end we talked. 
Him: That was amazing...
Me: What happened?
Him: It felt like everything was literally moving.
Me: It was. Have you felt that before?
Him: No. Everything has only gotten slowly tighter over many years, but now it felt like it was all unwinding.

I told him what I'd witnessed, that I fully believe in miraculous healings as I have witnessed so many, and that it couldn't happen without his own acceptance and and allowance so to keep it up...as will I!

He was beaming as he skipped out of the booth.  5-days later I received an ecstatic email from him confirming his ongoing freedom from pain and that he had just run 4 miles!  A passion he hadn't been able to enjoy for a very long time.

PERFORMING MIRACLES IS WHAT ENERGY AND SOUND HEALING IS~ moving matter with intention for the purpose of healing. Returning discordance to harmony.

The shared intention of healer and receiver, the sacred sovereignty of the energetic field, are the science behind the miracles.  And every time it happens and shows you, it compounds your belief and ability for the next time.

THIS is why I teach.  This is why I show up - far and wide - when called. This is what I endeavor to share with as many fellow humans as possible in this lifetime.

If this story calls you to explore your capacity for sound healing with harps, please read below for contact links.  Thank you and many blessings!

My Therapy Harp Certifications are taught online through Soul of Yoga Sound Institute with students world-wide. We offer CEU's through Yoga Alliance.  

The Beginners Course teaches caring for your harp, how to tune your harp, and basic playing techniques.

The Therapy Harp Practitioners Certification (20-hours) teaches the protocols of playing a harp on-body, the science of sound and how to play beautifully and therapeutically, as is required of a healer.

Advanced Therapy Harp Playing Techniques is for those interested in taking their playing skills all the way, orchestrating with crystal bowls, monochords and other instruments, and learning to mic and record your instruments like a pro.

To learn more about Therapy Harps and upcoming trainings visit:

To learn more about private empathic readings, healing or sound healing with Shelly, go to: https://shellyreef.com/

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