About Us

Today, the Temple of Light and Sound is virtual, existing wherever the founders bring their light and love. By 2020, it is our goal to have established a physical Temple in Iceland, home to lightworkers of the world; a sacred place in which to heal and be whole.

We believe that everything is energy and can be positively transformed through intention. 

Friða Kristin Gisladottir

Portrait of Friða Kristin GisladottirFriða has been painting for eighteen years and is known as “The painter of the light”. Her collection known as “Downloading the Light” is in homes and venues across the world.

Fríða paints in a meditative state of presence, connected to a higher Source. With the intention to “Download the Light”, she trusts that love will come through her hands and allows the flow to happen without fear of failing. The result is Light and the entities within, on canvas.

Friða is author of the book “The Goddess Within You” and a member of the Icelandic musical group SeiðGyðjan. Frida and her paintings can be found at Gallery ART67 in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Shelly Reef

Portrait of Shelly ReefNorth American sound healer and empath Shelly Reef travels the globe, bringing light to the hearts of humanity. Her meditation spans 30 years, her teaching more than 20 countries. With the agenda of raising frequency on Earth, Shelly teaches therapeutic harp, meditation, and telepathy. Her work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct.

Shelly offers private empathic sound and energy healing sessions, and leads retreats globally.

Shelly lives in Reykjavik, Iceland and San Diego, California. She is author of the soon-to-be- released book, “Silent Monkey: Meditation for the wildest of minds”.

To learn more about retreats and private sessions, visit ShellyReef.com

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