Therapy Harp Advanced Playing Techniques online course


Expert skills to take your Therapy Harp experience to the next level!


10am-3pm daily (one hour lunch)
16 hours - CEU's through Soul of Yoga Sound Institute


See the NEW VIDEO REEL for the Advanced Playing Techniques training!

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$50 off the cost of the certification, with the purchase of a Therapy Harp (at checkout) 

YOU ONLY NEED ONE 20-38 STRING HARP TO TAKE THIS TRAINING, PLUS, ONE ADDITIONAL INSTRUMENT THAT IS TUNED TO AT LEAST ONE NOTE IN YOUR HARP, AND CAN BE PLAYED WITH ONE HAND. (Can be as simple as an aluminum bar chime, or as rich as a crystal singing bowl, or monochord.)


In this training:

  • Advanced techniques for richer, deeper soundscapes
  • One-handed playing 
  • Harmonizing your harp with crystal bowls and other instruments
  • Playing your harp and other instruments simultaneously
  • Seamlessly orchestrating a variety of instruments
  • Interweaving vocals and chanting
  • Microphones for broadcasts and recording
  • Best quality sound for streaming 
  • Interactive practice time

FREE BONUS GIFTS from Shelly: 

  •  Video review of LEVEL 1 playing techniques prior to training 
  •  2 hour post-training practice pod 


  • Option 1: Completion of Level 1 training 
  • Option 2: Completion of the online Beginners Course (link is included in your enrollment confirmation when you sign up for the training.)  AND viewing of the Level 1 playing techniques video (released 1 week prior to training).  
  • For this training each student must have a 20-38 string Zither style harp.

About Shelly: Shelly Reef facilitates professional, intuitive sound healings  world-wide. She is developer of the Therapy Harp Healing technique and  co-developer of AntiGravity Restorative Aerial Yoga, taught in over 40  countries. Her meditation work spans 30 years, her in-person teaching,  over 20 countries. Shelly specializes in teaching inner-vision for self empowerment. 

Shelly serves her commitment to those who seek inner  awareness. She has led women’s trainings in pre-liberated Saudi Arabia, sound healing at the Iceland Spirit of Humanity conference, and lectured on integrative health care at New York University, to name a few.

Shelly’s spiritual work is unbound by religion, culture, or social construct.  She is author of the soon-to- be-released book, "The Immeasurable”  

Shelly is in residence at Soul of Yoga, and Sacred Sound of the Soul, Encinitas, CA. and Sedona, AZ.