Crystal Bar Chimes


Hand crafted, PURE CRYSTAL bar chimes
with beautiful wooden carry case

 Can be custom tuned to match your instruments.

Available in 432hz, 440hz, and 528hz


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Level 1 Practitioners Certification

This exquisite instrument features 24 individual crystal bars, ranging from long to short. Up to 6 different notes can be chosen, with 4 bar groupings of each note, totaling 24.

The bars are arranged in two rows, forward and back.  The front row features one bar of each note, while the back row features 3 of each note.  This allows the player to choose whether to chime each note individually, by gently tapping the front bar into the back 3 bars, or to strum all of the bars simultaneously from end to end for a flurry of magical sound.  A softer, more etherial effect can be created by gently shaking the entire set from above.

You can choose from popular note combinations, or work with us directly to customize the note combination that serves you best.

This is the only instruments in which sound is derived by touching crystal to crystal, producing an otherworldly, angelic sound not found elsewhere.  The effect is always uplifting, inspiring and loved by all.

Perfect for sound healing and recording studios, this instrument is a beautiful compliment to crystal singing bowls, harps, vocals, and all forms of percussion.

The fully padded wooden carry case features an individual resting slot for each crystal bar.  

Case dimensions: 15" x 9' x 2.75"
Instrument length: 13.3"


Notes of the chimes:

I will contact you directly after you place your order to help you choose the notes that work best for you.  Or, to receive your chimes faster, you can request to be sent the most popular chord in stock.



Because this instrument is custom built to order, please allow up to 8 weeks for delivery.  If you need a set sooner, please write me in the contact form.

Shipping will not be added at checkout. It will be billed at time of shipping.  Pre-estimates available.