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Pricing and Accomodation - Conscious Evolution Retreat: BEYOND THE MATRIX

Sale price Price $1,777.00 $1,777.00 - $2,555.00 Regular price

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On-site accomodations are a 3-minute walk from the main gathering hall with beautiful, modern interiors amid quiet courtyards and water features. Parking and handicap parking are just outside. 


Choose the package that best serves your journey:

$1777 ($1577 with code)- Shared Room and Shared Bathroom for two
Save by sharing your room!  Designed to create comfort while sharing space, these rooms feature two single beds and a bathroom with two sinks, a shower room and a separate toilet.  

$1999 ($1799 with code)- Private Room/ Shared Bathroom 
Enjoy the privacy of your own bedroom while 
comfortably sharing bathroom space with one person in an adjoing private room.   A bathroom with two sinks, a shower room and a separate toilet has doors opening to private bedrooms on either end.

$2555 ($2355 with code)- Private Room and Bath (Limited availability - first come first serve)
Treat yourself to gentle solitude in this beautiful private room with built in bath and shower.   



Sale price Price $1,777.00 $1,777.00 - $2,555.00 Regular price