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Crystal Bar Chimes

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Hand crafted, custom tuned, pure crystal bar chimes with beautiful wooden carry case.

Choose 432hz, 440hz or 528hz crystal bar chime.

Play 3 ways. Chime each note individually, strum all of the bars simultaneously from end to end for a flurry of magical trills, or create etherial effect by gently shaking the entire set from above.

You can choose from popular note combinations, or work with us directly to customize the note combination that serves you best.

This is the only instruments in which sound is derived by touching crystal to crystal, producing an otherworldly, angelic sound not found elsewhere.  The effect is always uplifting, inspiring and loved by all.

Perfect for sound healing and studio use, this instrument is a beautiful compliment to crystal singing bowls, harps, vocalists, and all forms of percussion.

The fully padded wooden carry case features an individual resting slot for each crystal bar. 


Sale price Price $1,777.00 Regular price