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Feeltone Monochords

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Our monochords are built with great care and expertise and used in many different settings for personal use, sound healing, mediation, wellness, therapeutic settings, schools, and more.

Ingo Boehme and his team have closely worked and collaborated with therapists and musicians. Wich resulted in a variety of monochord instruments for every requirement and used as well as developing add ons and accessories. All of our strings are specially made for our monochords by a string maker. In that way, we can make sure the sound volume, vibration, and feel/give of the strings work well with our designs.


Monolina C - rich overtones, character tending to major: 24 overtone strings in c', 5 bass strings in c, and 5 fifth strings in g

Monolina A - rich overtones, character tending to minor: 24 overtone stringsin a, 5 bass strings in A, and 5 fifth strings in e 

Monolina G - crystal clear and universal: 24 overtone strings in g, 5 bass strings in G , and 5 fifth strings in d

Monolina F - for fullness and vibration: 24 overtone strings in f, 5 bass strings in F and 5 fifth strings in c

Monolina D - deepest Monolini with strong bass and vibration: 24 overtone strings in d, 5 bass strings D and 5 fifth strings in A 

Combines energizing overtones with the deeper tones of an octave and fifth tuning. 

Lightweight and versatile, this monochord is designed so anyone can pick it up and play,

 while also suitable for concert performances, sound baths, mediation and to accompany singing.
Or you can also use the Monolina therapeutically as a “body monochord.” 

  • Comes tuned in A, C, D, G or F
  • 34 strings, 24 overtones,5 bass, 5 fifth
  • 5 Koto bridges
  • Universal template for the bridges, for minor or major tuning
  • tuner, tuning key and some replacement strings
  • A set of percussion chopsticks
  • Size 28.3'' x 13'' x 4.3''
  • Material: ash & cherry wood
  • Weight: 6 lbs

Sale price Price $0.00 Regular price